Get inspired by celebrity styles: engagement rings of the famous

Choosing an engagement ring that will be the right one for the soon to be bride and one which will capture her style might seem like a superhuman task. And it’s definitely not an easy task even in the world of celebrities. To inspire you, we will present several engagement rings of famous ladies from the past and present which have captivated (slightly exaggerating here) the whole world.

From Princess Diana to Duchess Kate

Now who doesn’t know that ring with a central sapphire studded with diamonds all the way around? This jewel with which Prince William asked Kate Middleton to marry him in 2010 originally belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. She was able choose it from several engagement rings presented to her at her engagement by Prince Charles. At the time, she was criticized for her choice – to some, the ring was not royal enough because it had not been custom made. However today, it is one of the most popular engagement rings designs of all.

Katy Perry: a passionate ruby with eternal diamonds

Orlando Bloom chose a ring not entirely unlike that of Duchess Kate for his beloved other half. It is a delicate engagement ring with a ruby in a halo design which resembles a flower. The couple became engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019 so we can probably look forward to a spectacular wedding soon.

Reese Witherspoon: an exceptional cut

A timeless, classic choice is the engagement ring which Reese Witherspoon received from Jim Toth in 2010 and made from white gold or platinum (jewelers differ in their guesses on which metal it is). It is decorated with a clear diamond in a rare cut called Ashoka. This cut is a little like a cushion cut but it has more facets and is elongated, so it is only suitable for larger stones. Jim Toth worked with jeweler William Goldberg on the design of the ring and the result is truly captivating.

Olivia Palermo: a color diamond

Olivia Palermo’s boyfriend (now husband), a familiar face from social media, went for a relatively unconventional engagement ring in 2014. As the central stone, he chose a yellow diamond in a cushion cut. Although most of her audience was expecting something unique, sparkling and trendy from this influencer who is inextricably linked with fashion, this engagement ring with a color diamond was still a surprise to many. And we must add that it was also admired.

Elizabeth Taylor: record breaking diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor is well known for marrying many times. As a result of this, she built up a relatively large collection of engagement rings and other jewelry which she had been presented with during her engagements. She received a platinum ring with a 4 carat diamond from her first husband Conrad Hilton, which ignited her lifelong passion for glittering, one-of-a-kind pieces. However one of the most magnificent celebrity engagement rings of all time is her emerald cut diamond engagement ring which weighed an incredible 29.4 carats (around a fifth of an ounce). She received it in 1957 from Mike Todd, who tragically died in a plane crash the following year.

Be inspired by the world of celebrities, but shop smart

Celebrities of course usually don’t have to think too much about their budget, and the price of their engagement rings is often astronomical. That’s because the value of the ring in our world also represents a certain confirmation of status.

However, you can be inspired by their choice. Dazzling rings in similar styles can also be found among much more affordable jewelry. Take a look for example at the collection of KLENOTA online jewelry store, where you’ll find elegant rings even for a few hundred dollars. And we are sure that you will shine in the one you choose.



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