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Who does not love makeup? Every woman likes to have a number of quality makeup brands to add a little confidence to their everyday life and vibe. Just like that, with a strong and challenging concept of combining the ultimate potential of cosmetics and empowering woman, Kay Sada’ is a cosmetic brand based on the belief that makeup can help empower woman as they are deserving of it.

I had to give this brand some attention as my best friend loved using it. When she recommended it to me, I could not resist looking into it. Indeed, young entrepreneurs tend to have a lot of ideas, innovation, and mental strength these days. They are not afraid of accepting challenges and work hard to make assets.

As a woman myself, I immediately came to liking their concept and the story behind the creation of this brand. A woman with a passion of crowning other women around worked hard, graduated and then created this brand. I did not dive into the backstory of it the first time I came across this brand. I preferred using their brand first because I like collecting quality cosmetic brands from all around the world that can enhance my beauty and confidence each day. Without a second thought, I took a look at the list of cosmetics they offer on their website.

A very fine collection of incredible lip shades appeared before my eyes. I love catchy and trendy lip shades that are hard to pull off but look incredible if worn with just about the right confidence level. With very affordable prices, I ended up ordering two of their cosmetics products;

  1. Metallic Collection

For only $45, this was a set of three unique lip colors. These colors immediately caught my eye making me add them to my cart and ordering right away. Very unusual shades of pink, purple and red, these liquid matte lipsticks held a lot of curiosity for me. When I got to use these, I was not disappointed. Such great quality in affordable price, I can not believe that I missed out on this quality cosmetic beauty so much.

  1. Rich

The second cosmetic product I ordered is explained in only one word; just like its name; rich. A very dark hue of red that is just enough to express your power and strength, this liquid matte lipstick is very rich and luxurious. I love wearing all different shades of red as they indicate a dominating personality, one that can rule over everything. This color clearly delivered the message Kay Sada’ holds behind. I was not disappointed to add this to my collection of quality cosmetic brands.

  1. The Bawse Lifestyle Journal

Going just another extra mile to elaborate what this makeup brand really means, Kay Sada’ introduced The Bawse Lifestyle Journal, where the word ‘bawse’ basically means ‘boss.’ Cool, right? I came across this on their website and clicked. To no surprise, I found out that this brand created a motivational and self-improvement provoking journal for women who need a little pep talk. How they can deal with their personal and professional lives and stay as independent as they are, it is all covered in this journal.

I really loved their incredible concept, great struggle story, the quality of their cosmetics, the extra little effort to enhance the existence of women through sisterhood, boldness, capability, and empowerment. Definitely worth investing in.

For More Info : https://www.kaysada.com/

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