The name ‘Bluethunder’ might ring a musical bell in your ears. The DJ/Producer has been making alot of waves the past few months

The reason for this is the producer’s recent success. Mustering a staggering 1 million and 2 million streams last month due to his efforts.

DJ Bluethunder is originally from Breda in the Netherlands and has been producing for several years now.

Bluethunder’s new single named ‘Going Down’ will be live in all stores on the 12th of August and we had the chance to review the track before it comes out. He first teased the track in the international Campusparty livestream which had over 1.400.000 million viewers in 31 countries, and it was well received.

The track perfectly describes the situation we’re all in right now. Every single one of us has felt the sadness of a lesser social life than before and not seeing family for a while. The lyrics and the melody of the song grasp this aspect. Next to the mental aspect, the track is pretty groovy to listen too! To be completely honest with you, the track is incredibly energetic and uplifting. The feel-good vibe is driven by a great sequence of notes and completed by vocals that you can’t help but sing along to.

We can see Bluethunder his repetoire evolving over the years. First starting his future house venture  with his track ‘Get To You’. That particular track has a happy/summerish vibe to it. However, fast forwarding to the current time, we can hear that the structure, rhytm and mixing of ‘Going Down’ has evolved a ton from his previous work (even though his previous work already was great). We’re thrilled to see where his sound will go next, but one thing is for sure, it will keep getting better and better.

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