5 Haircare Tips from Recognized Industry Artists

Haircare is a very important part of our image, lifestyle and personality. There are many ways to enhance your hairstyle such as hair colour, shorter cuts, long layered styles, fringes and routine of styling products but good nutrition, physical activity and protecting your hair from the sun prevents your hair from losing its natural strength, lustre and shine.

Hair is one of the things that can be seen as your biggest fashion accessory and what is noticed most when meeting people. To achieve strong and healthy hair it is important to have regular hair appointments with your hairstylist and a positive haircare regime of weekly hair masks, heat protection sprays and leave in conditioning. This helps to avoid any heat damage that can lead to breakage.

Within the industry there are recognised hairstylists that share valuable knowledge and styling tips. Suk Ram is a known Hairstylist and is considered to have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, the creative and talented hairstylist is marking his presence in today’s world. Suk Ram began his career at the age of 15, Today he is a man who sleeps eats and breathes his craft, with over 20 years of experience within his field. He has also contributed to Hairstyle during international fashion weeks, he is known for his outclass skills and also been a part of front covers, styling within multiple magazines and been featured in international exhibitions.

Some collaborations consist of creating the hairstyle trends for international diamonds brand campaigns, directing hairstyle and presenting shows in collaboration with Olympus Style Studio and Discovered Catwalk in association with Cosmopolitan Magazine. His skills are matched in with known industry hair stylists. He never believed in the competitors. He previously stated “this competition thing never gets my attention  I just focus on refining my skills daily and love what I do”

It is amazing to see how Suk Ram can turn imaginary reflections into happening scenarios. Apart from creating a classy yet inventive styling, the master of creativity holds a qualitative art of depiction too. He can picturize even the ordinary into magnificent and this is how he stands out of the crowd.

His haircare and styling tips are considered valuable by his audience.

According to Suk Ram, “There is no point in creating  something amazing that my client will not be able to recreate at home.” With his supreme skill set, knowledge and experience he created an exclusive range of haircutting and stylization which can be managed easily. Here are some other famous artists who are known for their skills.


Some exclusive hair tips from top-notch industry artist are,

  1. To smooth the back of your hair, brush it forward (over your shoulders) as you dry it — creating tension at the roots with your brush dries the hair straight. — Jen Atkin
  2. To refresh curls, use a hairdryer on the cold setting: Blast dry hair from side to side, swinging it with your fingers to bring curls back to life. — Vernon François
  3. It’s hard to think of cutting thinning hair — if you’re losing yours, you don’t want to give any up — but trimming two inches makes it look fuller. — Nunzio Saviano
  4. Healthy hair holds color longer, so do weekly deep-conditioning treatments to keep yours vibrant and shiny. — James Corbett.
  5. To remove product, pollution and environmental build from the hair & scalp its important to deep cleanse at least once every month alongside your regular shampoo and conditioner. — Suk Ram.


With increasing trends of Hairstyling, People are more concerned about their hair and due to the sensitivity of hair it is important to use the right products which will protect the hair. There are a number of hairstylist out there who are giving there styling advice and tips to make your hair healthier and stronger. Suk Ram is known as a contributor within the hairdressing industry and his styling guidelines are becoming a trend to his consumers, Competition within the hairdressing industry is at large but Suk Ram is a man who focuses on sharing the knowledge and love he has for hairstyle.