3 Ways To Get Your Hands And Nails To Look Like A Hand Model

We’ve all seen hand models in magazines or on social media and thought about how perfect and beautiful their hands and nails appear. And while we might not have access to everything that a hand model does in order to get their hands looking like that, there are things that you can do on a regular basis that can help your hands look healthier, softer, and more appealing.

If this is something that you want in your life, here are three ways to get your hands and nails to look like a hand model. 

Leave Cuticle Cutting To The Professionals

One thing that you may have noticed about hand models is that they have perfect cuticles. However, those perfect cuticles don’t happen by accident. 

While you may have had your cuticles trimmed when getting a manicure, this isn’t something that you should go about doing on your own. Professional manicurists have the right tools and experience to give you a manicure that includes trimming your cuticles. But if you’re wanting to handle your cuticles on your own, it’s best to use a cuticle cream or oil. This way, you can take care of your cuticles and keep them hydrated without having to worry about cutting yourself and creating an infection that wasn’t there to begin with. 

Scrub Your Nails

Something else that hand models have are fingernails that look clean and beautiful. Even when they are wearing nail polish or other nail accessories, their nails look healthy and buffed.

To get this yourself, you should try a nail scrub that can help to brighten your nails. Especially for those who like to wear nail polish occasionally, when you’ve just taken off nail polish, it can dye your nails so that they look unnaturally colored. So to help you get them back to their natural, clear color, you’ll want to use a nail scrub to clean off some of that stain

Moisturize All Throughout The Day

In the last few years, people have spent more and more time cleaning their hands and washing them as a way to stay healthy. However, the more you wash your hands, the more likely they are to get dried out, especially if you’re also using things like hand sanitizer. And when your hands look dry, they also look a far cry from the hands of a hand model.

Knowing this, you should try to moisturize your hands all throughout the day. Whenever you get your hands wet for any reason, you should afterward be putting on some kind of lotion or cream so that you can lock that moisture into your skin and help your hands to be supple and soft. 

If you want your hands and nails to look like those of a hand model, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you achieve this. 

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