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Being a woman in this materialistically superficial people’s world is a hard thing! Gosh, I am just exhausted thinking about it! Being a girl is also fun, though, you get to experiment with so many amazing products. For the past one week, I kept noticing how every morning my face looked, kind of off, like a soggy wrinkled potato! So this was what I was thinking about in the store when I saw a beacon of shining hope enter my life as I laid eyes on this beautiful life-saving brand Abotaniq! A product line with amazingly natural ingredients that can tighten the skin to Marilyn Monroe people! I wanted to give it a fair try so I gave it a go and boy has it done me wonders! I feel like a 16-year-old Britney Spears and guess what? Without having done any cosmetic procedures!

Now, enough with the suspense, you must hate me for the drama I’ve created but these two products, YES I said two! Have really made me feel better about the way I look and made me not cringe whenever I walk by a mirror and happen to take a side view glance at my old self.

Now let’s take a trip down the specifications of these two products namely Firming Serum and Wrinkle Filler by Abotaniq. I do not like trying new stuff out until and unless it is absolutely perfect and has an 110% success rate. I’m dubious about the universe that way. So the first week I decided to try it on my hand when I saw no visible signs of irritation I proceeded to my face.


Firming serum:

So let’s begin with the firming serum first, this product consisted of a chock full of amazing ingredients including:

  • Bioavailable Mineral™ Complex: A unique polypeptide blend of bioavailable minerals that aids in improving elasticity and firmness of the skin. Skin cell respiration, function, and elasticity are increased.
    Firming Botanical Complex (Centella Asiatica & Echinacea Extracts) – Helps firm skin, increasing its density and integrity, for a younger texture and improved resilience.
  • Vitamin A, C & E – Antioxidant vitamins that help to protect cells from free radical damage.

I have never used a product that has actually tightened my skin and made me look a decade younger. It actually filled in the lines and I feel so great about using all these beneficial antioxidants.



Wrinkle filler:

The next product I tested in the set was wrinkle filler and this product is super amazing! It smells just heavenly and has amazing natural botanicals including:

  • ESP Complex (Biomimetic Peptides): these revitalize, firm and protect the skin from environmental degradation.
  • Dermaxyl®: This stimulates and repairs the cutaneous matrix and reducing wrinkle depth
  • Nylon Silica Spheres: promotes a smooth skin surface.
  • Bio-transformed Rice & White Tea Extracts: Help to provide antioxidant protection.


My skin has gotten so smooth! Even my hubby noticed this the other day and he is pretty deft about these things. I feel so vibrant and beautiful and I must share this with the world because I want everyone to have the same wonderful experience as I have.



Both the products are very reasonable and handy to use. They easily fit into any cosmetic bag and are very light weight. So what are you waiting for? Go get these! They are easily available at your local drugstore and do ping me your experience too! Will be looking forward to your responses! Ciao!


Firming Serum


Wrinkle Filler


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