Great Non Coloured Contact Lenses

There is an endless variety of contact lenses from coloured contacts to just standard lenses that most people can choose from these days. However, one of the better brands of contact lenses that you may want to try is called O2 Optix.
Why They Are Great –

What makes O2 Optix contacts so great is the fact that they let your eyes “breathe”. In other words, the amount of oxygen that can penetrate these contact lenses is much great than with other brands. In fact, O2 Optix contacts let in five times more oxygen.

Unfortunately, these are not coloured contact lenses. As such, it does not change your eye colour.

This benefits you in several ways. For starters, you will suffer less from dry eyes and fatigue. And sometimes, contacts that allow less oxygen to your eyes(like Optima FW) can cause more dangerous problems to develop. If these problems become severe enough, they could cause you to permanently lose the ability to wear contact lenses. So you’ll either have to live without corrective lenses(inadvisable), wear glasses, or have laser eye surgery done(pricey).

However, this are not available in coloured version. In other words, you will not be able to order this in blue, green or grey lenses for example.
Proper Use –

O2 Optix contact lenses are designed to be worn for two weeks max. If you go beyond this, the likelihood of an eye infection increases so be careful. And if you’re really worried about eye infections then you can just wear these contacts for a week, and throw them away. One other thing to keep in mind, don’t sleep with these contact lenses on. They’re not designed for that.

Where to Buy Them –

O2 Optix contact lenses are available almost everywhere. You can buy these prescription contact lenses directly from your eye doctor if you like, but if you want to save some money then you should probably buy them online. If you are looking for coloured contact lenses though, you can try a different brand. Just search coloured contacts or coloured lenses on Google and you should be able to find many choices.

Cost –

If you’re thinking that O2 Optix contact lenses cost a lot more than more normal contact lenses then you are mistaken. It will depend on where you buy them, but overall, the price is about the same as other contact lenses. You can expect to pay three to five dollars more than if you were buying normal contacts. This comes to about fifteen to twenty dollars per box, and boxes usually contain about six contact lenses. And there’s always the occasional sale.

Newer technologies are improving contact lenses by leaps and bounds. So for those of you who suffer from dry eyes or whose contacts bother them at the end of the day, you might want to give O2 Optix contact lenses a try. The next time you visit your eye doctor, ask him or her about O2 Optix. You have nothing to lose.


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