How Often Should You Wash Your Face

How often your face should be washed? It may seem a meaningless question to us but according to the dermatologist, if you want to have a healthy, blemish-free complexion it is really necessary that you follow a proper routine to wash your face. Washing your face once in the morning and once in the evening is the very general rule for both men and women.

However, this general rule can be changed depending on some of the factors such as oily skin, lifestyle, and environment. There are some of the things you need to really consider.

  • If you have oily skin it is really important that you immediately wash your face after exercising or working in sloppy surroundings.
  • According to the suggestion of dermatologists, over-washing, and under-washing both have a negative impact on your skin.
  • It is essential that you choose the right facial cleanser and washcloth based on your type of skin.
  • If you are a field worker, then it is really urgent to wash your face instantly when you get home.
  • As women’s skin is softer than men over-washing can deal with a great negative effect on their skin.

There are some common misconceptions about oily skin and dry skin. The routine misconception about oily skin is that it should be washed more often. And dry skin should be washed less often.

However, the thing you should keep in mind that whatever type of face you have washing it twice a day is enough to keep it healthy. In case of oily skin over-washing basically remove the natural oil from your skin and make rough. Another thing that should keep in mind that don’t wash your face with hot water who has dry skin.

Now it is time to sum up, all the things. Follow a routine to wash your face is mandatory if you want to keep your face fresh and healthy. Women should put extra effort into washing their faces as they have sensitive skin than men.


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