Principles to Care for Your Hair Extensions in Natural Ways

Purchasing human hair extensions is a great method to own thick and long hair styles. There are a large variety of styles, colors, textures and hair density which you can pick up to finish a seamless hair look. As hair extensions become more and more popular all over the world, they are more difficult to take care of.

However, this difficulty does not make you stay away from them, you can always get a luscious look by wearing extensions just if you get the maintaining job done professionally. You just need to do the right things using the proper hair care products, so this will extend your investment.

Here we prepare some good tips to maintain your hair extensions, whether they are semi-permanent, flip, clip-in hair extensions or wigs, these tips below will work successfully.

Careful Brushing

Like brushing your teeth every morning, you need to brush your hair extensions at least once daily. This will keep your hair from tangling, but remember that you need be more patient when brushing the extensions, it is important to be gentle.

Starting brushing your hair strands from the bottom, then gradually move the starting point up. When it is close to your scalp, do not afraid, you just need to be more gently.

Make sure you use the right comb, or you will damage the hair texture. It is recommended to use wide-tooth comb.

Right and Gentle Shampoo

After detangling your hair extensions, then extra shampooing care is needed, but you need to take more care because wet hair breaks easily. Use good quality shampoo that is SLS free to keep your extensions in a perfect condition. Do not limit your budget, be sure to choose good shampoo brands for different hair needs, because each type of hair in colored, blonde or dry will need different shampoo care. Apply shampoo gently from top to bottom, then rinse thoroughly under water tape.

Deep Conditioning

To make your extensions look gorgeous and feel silky when time goes by, it is suggested to do a deep conditioning to your hair extensions once a week. Apply good nourishing conditioner on whole strands of the extensions, put more focus on conditioning the strands on the middle and end. Rinse the hair thoroughly after 15 minutes of application.

Natural Dry

Once being cleaned, please dry the root of the hair extensions first. Then use a towel to wrap whole extensions but never rub roughly. When drying the extensions, avoid using heat will make the life of your extensions last longer. If you want to wear extensions immediately, use a heat protection spray before using heat blowdrying technique.

The following are small tips to maintain your extensions:

1, Do not sleep with wet hair.

2, Before going to bed, tie your hair in a loose braid, before swimming, remove your extensions or wear a swimming cap.

3, Rinse your hair under clean water immediately after swimming.

There are many types of virgin hair extensions wholesale online, you need to do a lot of research before deciding on which type is your best. Please keep in mind that some extensions looking good on celebrities may not suit you.

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