Zaharah Beauty Essentials

This fruity body scrub contains real mango seed oil. It effectively exfoliates, hydrate and detoxify leaving skin soft and smooth.
100% Australian Made, from aussie ingredients , Made packed and delivered in Australia with local hands.
100% Natural ingredients, with some key ingredients of organic source means there is Zero Synthetic Chemicals used.

Not tested on Animals and doesn’t include any animal derivatives, it is 100% suitable for Vegan lifestyle.

Key Ingredients of Mango Lassi Body Scrub:

Mango seed oil – help improve the appearance of the skin, reducing signs of inflammation. It can also help reduce the appearance of age spots & body blackheads.

Olive Oil – contains many nutrients that can inhibit or kill harmful bacteria, also loaded with powerful antioxidants.

Coconut Oil – helps strengthen underlying epidermal tissues, removing dead skin cells, protecting the outer layer of the skin. Also, it has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties.

Evening Primrose Oil – As we age, the skin dehydrates. Evening Primrose Oil gives it intense and deep hydration so that it keeps tone and firmness.

Mango Butter – is a natural source of vitamin A, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases overall youthful look.
It also encourages a more plump and tighter look.

Shea Butter – is an excellent moisturizing option for dry skin.
It aids the skin’s natural collagen production and nourishes the skin.

Cocoa Butter – It helps to deliver deep nourishment and moisture to the skin.
it is also used to lighten age spots, to even skin tone, reduce stretch marks and scars.

Zaharah Beauty Essentials, is a local Australian family owned skin care business, who are local Nothern District outstanding new business award finalist for 2018.

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