Dad Doesn’t Need a Cape: Dad Version by Jewel L. Arellano

Dad Doesn’t Need a Cape is a cute, fun, yet informative story that compares a dad (who is a nurse) to different superheroes. Follow along (in rhyme) with a kid who explains some of the many duties her father is responsible for while at work. Nurses and other healthcare team members play a huge role in saving lives, they just don’t wear capes!

This story makes for an excellent resource for teaching and includes fun illustrations that review: •The human body systems•Pain assessment tools•Memory retention toolsDad Doesn’t Need a Cape shares the universal message that nurses are superheroes and the role that they play is nothing short of heroic and honorable. As a bonus, once you have completed the book, there is an assignment to help you recall some of the fun facts you learned. If you are looking for something special to gift your favorite nurse, look no further!


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