Tempest Fyreheart and the Sapphire Oculus: The Chronicles of Mahamaya

Synopsis of:Tempest Fyreheart and the Sapphire OculusIn the illustrious world of Mahamaya, there lives an orphaned poet with the heart of a warrior. Facing the dynamic and complex shifts surrounded by power play, romance and deceit, Tempest Fyreheart must embark on a mission like no other; exploring the depths of his own soul and ego. The young boy must venture through the trials and tribulations of life, unaware of his shrouded past, where he is thrown into a life where the Seven Primal Stones of Sin start to emerge. Created by the Unseen King, the Seven Primal Stones of Sin must never be allowed to fully manifest, otherwise the world of Mahamaya will know true fear.

Tempest Fyreheart and the Sapphire Oculus, takes places predominantly on the floating continent of Alma, where the City is home to all the six races of Mahamaya. Below the floating City of Alma, lays a world of fantasy and uncertainty; where the nations of Titancia and Pyrocia start to rumble as war encroaches. Tempest Fyreheart must balance his energy in order to understand the power of Primordial Reiki, magic which is harnessed inside the body, rather than relying on external forces to aid the subject.One can only achieve a greater sense of self, if self-reflection is a common place. Learning is the consequence of experience felt, aided by self-mediation.

Tempest Fyreheart attempts to inspire people around him through the intrinsic weave of emotion, allowing his words of self-reflection to move and inspire you. You the reader, are welcome to the illustrious world of Mahamaya.

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