Avikerchie Launched Strong Quality Fabric Designs

The Miami based independent revolutionary brand Avikerchie has launched, offering strong, quality fabric designs, which can be worn as scarves or any piece of clothing. The brand was created by the mother/daughter duo, Malky Ureña, and Avril Rodriguez.Avril, Designer and Creative Director of Avikerchie it is also an established Fashion Blogger.

Avikerchie fabric designs are created with convertibility and quality in mind, made for people of all different shapes and sizes to wear and create flexible styles, with youthful colorful designs and high quality sewing and finishes.

The launch of Avikerchie comes at an exciting time with the concept of convertible clothing and demand for such items being more prominent than ever with the global awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Buy Now: www.avikerchie.com

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