How to Choose Dermacol Foundation Shades

Dermacol Foundation contains up to 50% pigments to ensure to cover up pretty much anything such as acne, spots, post surgical bruising, tattoos etc. Dermacol make-up cover also provides 30 SPF protection from the sun’s UV rays. This product has passed clinical test and fits for variety of skin tones. When it comes to finding the perfect foundation shade, the struggle is real. Before you throw your hands up, we have a solution. Rather than swatching a million different foundations on the back of your hand—or worse—straight up guessing which foundation is suitable for your skin, there’s a matching method that actually works.


First things first, you’ll need to know what your skin tone is. Your skin tone refers to the natural color of your complexion, and this can range from fair to deep. Here’s how to determine where you fall within that range.

If you have a fair skin tone…your resemblance to a porcelain doll has probably been noted a time or two.

If you have a light skin tone…you’re still pale—just not quite as much as your fair friends.

If you have a medium skin tone…you’re caught in the middle! Your skin tone isn’t super-dark or super-light but somewhere in-between.

If you have a deep skin tone…your complexion is dark.

Bonus tip: Focus on the area of your face near your jawline and not your cheek. The latter is typically more pigmented, saturated with a natural blush, and less reflective of your true tone.

Here is the reference to Double wear:

ivory nude ~208

Ecru ~209

Fresco~ 210


Pebble ~222

warm vanilla ~210

Cool cream ~213

Aburn~ 224

Pure Beige ~222

Dermacol shades :

208 ~ warm

207 ~ cool

209~ cool

210~ warm neutral



213~ cool neutral

215~ cool. neutral

218 ~warm

221~ neutral

222~ warm

223 ~ warm neutral

224 ~warm auburn

Hope this video will be very helpful for all of you out there struggling to find your shade.

Find the best foundation match for your skin type with our foundation shade finder. Discover your shade and finish of powder or liquid foundation makeup. If you want to enjoy a flawless skin appearance, Dermacol is your answer. This gold tube make-up cover has been sweeping Hollywood. By using Dermacol, you can print European Look easily.

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