How To Look Stylish And trendy With Feyton

“Fashion is the art of expression”- is the motto of our website. We believe that people could express their inner self better with fashion. We’ve created a website that presents an upgraded version of everyday and casual wear.

 We like to provide products and information on how to look stylish and trendy on an everyday basis, but with little effort and little money, because we believe that by choosing the RIGHT clothing items and matching them with the right purse and heels you can look instantly more fashionable on an ordinary day.

We also give detailed descriptions about our products, tips on how to style them and information about the material etc.  Some of our products look so good when paired with the right items that you can easily wear them in a New York Fashion Week Show. But not just fashion shows, our aim is to have that kind of look wherever you go. is the perfect website to find tips on how to upgrade your every day look or your office look. We have lots of comfortable and stylish options for you. For example to complete a comfortable yet trendy office look you could choose our Black asymmetrical mini skirt with our Vintage Embroidered Shirt, and look gorgeous!

This High waist asymmetrical mini black skirt will suit you perfectly for a Friday night out too. You can pair it with a casual shirt and heels to achieve that after-work-ready-to-party look. You can also pair the the vintage embroidered plaid shirt with leather jeans or a pencil skirt so that you will look ready for the office and a drink with your friends after. Its plaid pattern and embroidered details give that millennial vibe too.



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