Meditative Jewelry

Welcome to the world of Meditative Jewelry! Let’s explore the joy of gorgeous stones with a PURPOSE! I would like to introduce you to a great new way to interact with and use your jewelry to help you in the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

We all love a beautiful piece of real crystal jewelry. Real crystals have their own helpful properties. We know this! We even love gorgeous pieces, with simulated stones with just the right price and sparkle! But, what if I were to tell you that you could use your beautiful jewelry to help you with the issues of life that call for meditation, positive energy, and even the help of loving Archangels?

Did you know that each Archangel has a specific color vibration? Their colors can help you to invoke these angels to come into your energetic world and assist you with their loving presence. Did you know that each Archangel has a specific chakra(along with their color)involving emotional/energetic issues in that part of the body? In these areas, they can offer support, guidance and assistance!

For each piece you will be given a special invocation or mantra, with instructions for visualization, and chakra clearing for each color/Chakra/Emotional Area, along with a meditation guide for each. You will also get detailed instructions for the care of your Meditative Jewelry, to get the optimum service and value from your pieces.

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