MountDog 18 Inch Ring Light : Get better selfies for your videos and more

Nowadays, more and more people, makeup&beauty influencers,  do their own works at home and need professional equipment to make better selfies and get more followers for their own. And this ring light is becoming the a priority and are popular among these groups. And ring lights give me the most consistent and desirable lighting when compared to their counterparts.

Ring lights can also be used for a wider range of applications from YouTube videos, photogaphy,makeup application, hair studios and more. Ok so ring lights are awesome, but what is the best one for your needs? I’d like to recommend this MountDog ring light for you here.

Why is the MountDog 18-Inch Ring Light

The main reason people went for this model over one of the many other options available is its size. The 18 inch diameter allows for a wide variety of uses. The inner diameter is a very generous 14 inches. Wide enough for many different video cameras, DSLRs, and even a face to fit into comfortably.

MountDog is a brand that created for providing professional photography equipment and accessories for these local business and freelancers. Good quality and affordable price than most of ring light brands.

It’s easy to use, robust, full featured, and affordable enough to keep several on hand.

What You Get in the Package

MountDog Dimmable 18 Inch Ring Light kit comes complete with everything you need to get going right away. Except for a camera, of course if you plan on recording videos or taking photos.

The light itself comes with the 75 watt fluorescent bulb and a long cord for either USA or European plugs. The 59 inch tall light stand is tall enough for a comfortable working posture for average size people.

This ring light owns two different sets of plastic filters for the light, white and orange. The orange is great for creating slightly higher contrast for Black & White imaging. The White offers a great soft effect I found wonderful for portrait work and makeup application.

This kit also came with a goose neck for adjusting into different positions and a camera mount. It can hold most cameras and stand stable.

Setting up the Ring Light

Setting up out of the box only took about 5 minutes. Firstly unfold the legs of the light stand and extend the stand to a comfortable working height. Then install the bulb into the light and attach the light to the stand. Using the mounting bracket supplied,  and attach your camera/phone  to the rig.

MountDog ring light is A/C powered, so you will need to have a place to plug it in and probably an extension cord. Be sure to use higher gauge wire extension cords. A surge protector would be a good idea, too.

The dimmer switch also allowed to vary the light output a bit. Even though it is only a 75 watt lamp, the way it’s configured gives you an equivalent light output of a 600 watt bare bulb. So sometimes you’ll need to dim it down somewhat.

What Is The MountDog Ring Light best used for?

There are a lot of uses for a wide diameter continuous output ring light. The first one is for shadowless macrophotography. Or even just merely extreme close up. For small product photography, with end uses of the images on websites like eBay or even Amazon, this light excels. Tiktok, Youtubers, wedding days, and many other areas that need the better selfies.

Light quality

The lens of the camera (or phone or your eyes) sits in the middle of the light source. This means that the light source surrounds the optical line of sight. Thus, the light is falling on the subject from every direction. Eliminating the shadows means you can clearly see the details that may have been obscured otherwise.

Even when set up at a medium distance or maybe even further back, the light quality is pleasing. Imagine a halo of light falling on your subject, soft light that gives a special look to the subject. A good effect for someone trying to create a romantic lighting look that you can still see details in.

This MountDog Ring lights are a useful tool for various different types of artists. Videographers, YouTubers, make up artists, and traditional still image photographers all will find lots of ways to use this a ring light.

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