SepeWood Best Online Boutique For Wall Art Wooden Posters

SepeWood is your online boutique for the best kind of wall art wooden posters! The reason we chose to create wooden posters here at SepeWood, is that wooden posters are very different than everyday paper-posters, or canvases.

The process of printing on wood is very different than printing on any other surface! The main reason for that, is that our special wood printer do not print on white color – but uses the natural shade of the wood as the white base. This technique makes for strong vivid posters, that have a vintage feel to them- perfect for old movie posters and fan art!

The wooden posters you see in our shop were made using ONE piece of wood. As there are no 2 identical pieces of wood- these wall art prints, while printed from the same photo file, come out one of a kind!

These wooden wall art prints are made in large sizes to make sure they “take space” in a room, and really set a tone! You can use them in your kitchen, in your living room, or even use several of them over a long corridor- decorating it’s walls with cinema-memories!

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