Shopping in Florence !Discovering Crafts and Ancient Artisan Shops

Discovering crafts and ancient artisan shops, Florence and Tuscany, places of sublime art and minor knowledge, a unique heritage in the world.

Dear friends, kind customers,

finally the website has been created, “from Florence with love”!

Thanks to the deep love of a Florentine family for its city, the site is the testimony of a great passion for the beauty of uniqueness, for the hands of skilled artisans who, generation after generation, handed down knowledge of the past. The history of a country, like Italy and, in this case, of Tuscany and Florence in particular, which can count on the experience and creativity of small and large artisan shops.

Flomour wants to bring the Tuscan quality craftsmanship to the world, riding the wave of modernity and online commerce; it wants to reach everyone, who has had the great fortune to know Florence and those who do not, and who, with a simple click, decides to receive a memory directly at home.

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