Stylish Meets Revolutionary in Environmentally Conscious Design

DivaBitch Couture is a fashion based multi-media epicenter. Their clothing embodies a gender-blending expression of style. Their mission is to “elevate the planetary consciousness.”

Many of the most undeniable and frightening threats to global and environmental wellbeing stem from small, everyday actions of individuals scaled up to a societal scope.

DivaBitch Couture is trying to redefine the fashion industry through the realization of tangible sustainability. DivaBitch Couture transforms past-year fashion into next-year trends, deconstructing and redesigning shorts, pants, shirts, jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, and overalls.

DivaBitch began its quest for greater ecological and social justice by noticing the often underappreciated fact that most clothing ends up in environmentally harmful landfills after only a few years.

Because the need to recycle is such a pressing issue in fashion today, DivaBitch takes older clothes of all kinds and utterly transforms them by deconstructing them and then turning them into an entirely new piece of clothing.

“We cut them and trim them and magically stitch them into one of a kind couture skirts, dresses, ponchos, and bags. You choose the design, gather pieces from your other’s closet, and send them to us. A jump and a sip later…”

This brilliant solution to a pressing problem puts DivaBitch at the forefront of a swift change happening in the fashion world and make them the vanguard of a new kind of environmentally and ethically responsible clothing design movement.

In a world that is so mass produced and standardized that self-expression is difficult and dying art, two bold new designers from Las Vegas are reinventing personalized fashion style. Their program–called DivaBitch–has turned a simple and unique idea into a revolutionary new step in the evolution of fashion in the twenty-first century.




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