Tiffance Leggings & Sport Bra

In 2001, an ambitious entrepreneur embarked on a long yet fulfilling journey; a quest for independence and success. Her career began with strategic investments while she was still in college. Before long, she had ventured into various business segments quite successfully.

A well-known name among San Francisco’s fashionable elite, this go-getter credits her life’s small and big successes to her self-motivation, confidence, resilience, and undying persistence. As a loving wife and doting mother who also runs several businesses, her day is usually pretty busy.

Dressing well and looking fashionable on a daily basis is very important to her because she’s regularly meeting co-workers, clients, attorneys, and stakeholders. In the little free time she gets, she hits the gym, rejuvenates with Yoga, and socialises.

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Tiffance was conceptualised keeping in mind the daily routines of working women who juggle to establish work-life harmony and strike the right balance each day. Inspired by women of different sizes who needed to feel comfortable, but also look impeccable through the day, Tiffance was born out of the desire to create well-fitted, fashionable outfits and swim wear for women who take the day head-on.

Every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel good about herself, irrespective of her shape and size.

After spending years experimenting with some of the best brands in Yoga-wear, shapewear, office formals, swim wear and sportswear, the lead designers at Tiffance found themselves quite dissatisfied with the quality and fitting of most of the products available online and in stores.
So, they took it upon themselves to create clothing for the contemporary woman who knows the value of being comfortable in her own skin, and is confident enough to walk the fine line between casual and formal dressing. That’s how Tiffance came into being.

Tiffance is a progressive, feminine approach to making functional daily wear mainstream; a line of clothing that’s just as appropriate for Yoga and hitting the gym, as it is for meeting clients, addressing co-workers, stopping by for a drink with friends or sitting at a beach or pool party sipping margaritas.

“Tiffance is tough, beautiful, resilient, and fashionable — just like you. More power to you!”

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