Windproof Ashtray, Non-Slip Base for Home Patio/Office Decoration

All smokers wish for a durable ashtray that is feasible to carry with them. However, a crystal or glass ashtray is not only dangerous to take around but also a hassle to look after. Bringing the troubles of all the smokers to an end, TVP brings you a newly designed windproof durable ash container and sturdily made with polished thick stainless steel that will resist the wind and keep the soot within the container.

The windproof ash container easily fits in the cup holder of your car as well so, when you are out for a drive, you do not have to worry about the cigarette ash spilling anywhere in your vehicle. What makes this windproof ash container especial is that it is manufacture keeping the cleanliness and the aesthetic of your house into consideration. The non-slip mat at the bottom of the container will not scratch your desktops or the tabletop in the living room. It also prevents the ash from blowing outside to keep your room or car clean and, it is the easiest to clean without worrying about the container rusting or corroding. With a windproof ash container, cleaning comes easy too. All it takes is to disassemble it and directly wash it with water.

The small and durable size of the windproof ash container is perfect as a present too. The stainless steel of the container can resist antioxidants and corrosion that makes it durable. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage like offices, living rooms, and patios.

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