Wonder Woman Vintage 1976 Nubia Action Figure w/Box and Accessories by Mego Corp

The moment I see the old items, I fell in love with them. I don’t know maybe it has become my hobby or a passion that drives me towards the old antiques and beautiful collection. I follow it, and don’t get rest until I achieve that. Same case happened with me no sooner when I saw this Nubia Doll. Let me share a beautiful history of it, I hope you all would know it. It is said that she was kidnapped and was made to be aired for one series that never aired. Since, it became the center of attention and people rushed to get this doll.

Well, I am happy today to get this lovely item from EBay. It is as new as it was made. Since, it is never opened so it came with complete packing and its original box. This is first item that I have seen kept so clean and original after long years. I am delighted that the product matched 100% what it was said to be. The happy moment is seeing the desired product completely untouched after many decades, and yes it is true that this Nubia doll has done ☺

So this one legendary item became my one of the collections. It is an honor for me to keep a product that was made long before I was born. Definitely, this doll keeps a historic moments with it of her times. My experience went smoothly because it required very simple steps. Just one bid and a lovely product was with me within days. Kudos to the maintainers who kept this item sound and clean for the aspirants like me. These lovely products add beauty to one’s collection and hence does not are to be compared in monetary terms. The price of this beauty cannot be estimated.

Buy Now :ebay.com/itm/182613077844


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