5 Biggest Celebrity Sports and Gaming Fans

There are many magazine articles and TV shows out there that like to remind us how celebrities are just like us. Beyond the fame, wealth, and everything else that comes with being a celebrity, it’s pretty true. They’re people and they have a lot of the same interests as everyone else — like being huge fans of sports and gaming. Whether that includes playing poker or video games in their spare time, or never missing their favorite sports team play, celebrities get into it all just as much as anyone else.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the biggest celebrity sports and gaming fans from all over the world.


In his professional life, Drake is a successful rapper, singer-songwriter, and actor (how can you ever forget his performance on Degrassi?). Outside of that, he’s known for being a huge Toronto Raptors fan. Besides frequently being seen at games — and sometimes getting a little too into it all — in 2013 he became a global ambassador for the Raptors, where he began serving as a promoter and host. Beyond the Raptors, Drake is also a major fan of NBA stars Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James. If you doubt how serious he is, he even has tattoos of Curry and Durant’s jersey numbers.

Outside of the NBA, Drake is also a huge fan of eSports. In 2018 he became an investor in 100 Thieves, a company that has various eSports teams for games like League of Legends. He’s even played Fortnite with Ninja, arguably the most famous professional gamer in the world.

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn is well known for his comedic roles in films like DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story and Wedding Crashers. Growing up outside of Chicago, many Chicago sports teams have also had a huge impact on his life, and he’s a fan of just about every team from the area. He’s especially fond of the Blackhawks and Cubs, and he’s frequently been seen cheering the teams on. But he’s also down to watch and discuss the Bears or the Bulls. When it comes to Chicago teams, he tends to follow them all.

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Gerard Piqué

A centre-back for Barcelona, Gerard Piqué is frequently seen as one of the best defenders in the world. He also helped Spain to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2012. Oh, and on top of his football fame, he also happens to be married to Shakira. But in his free time, Piqué is a huge fan of poker. Besides openly discussing his love of the game, he is frequently seen at high stakes tournaments around the world. Last year, at PokerStars EPT Barcelona, Piqué finished in second place, where he won €352,950.


Shakira was a big football fan even before she and Piqué started dating. Football is very popular in Colombia, her home country, and she grew up with its presence in her life. But it wasn’t until she performed at the 2006 World Cup that her love and appreciation for the sport really started to grow, and she later performed again at the 2010 World Cup. Since marrying Piqué, she’s become a much more serious football fan. You can now see her regularly cheering on her home Colombia team or her husband’s team, Barcelona.

Alyssa Milano

An actress and singer, Alyssa Milano is dominantly known for her starring roles in Who’s the Boss, Charmed, and Melrose Place. She also had a decent singing career, releasing her first (of four total) albums at sixteen. But what you may not know is that Milano has been a huge L.A. Dodgers fan since she was a child. In 2007 she started a Dodgers blog and released a clothing line for female baseball fans. Just don’t ask her to make any Dodgers predictions for the season — she is very superstitious and doesn’t want to ruin chances for her team. That’s certainly something sports fans everywhere will be able to relate to.

So, there you have it. When it comes to sports and gaming, celebrities really are just like us — huge fans and occasionally a little obsessive when it comes to what they love.

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