Actress Vidushi Chadha Changing The Cinematic Landscape Of Film

Vidushi Chadha, an LA-based multilingual Indian actor was recently asked what advice she would give to aspiring artists. She said “To be authentic and to really find joy amidst the challenges; never give up, and to be true to your own artistic voice. She also emphasized the importance of community and to be each other’s cheerleaders.

Chadha was born and raised in New Delhi, the hustling and bustling heart of India. An important moment in her acting journey was when she started performing street plays against sexual harassment of women, under the burning New Delhi Sun. Ever since then, the theme of Vidushi’s work has been uplifting female-centric stories. She firmly believes that hope is a decision and has continued to show that through her work.
Chadha has been acting professionally for over 10 years and has trained with world-renowned teachers and directors. Before she pursued an MFA in Acting from CalArts, she delved into the foundation of acting, Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London. She is also the double recipient of the Groundlings Diversity Scholarship, where she studied Improv Comedy.

Her National Commercial for Amazon Prime Video was a roaring success as Chadha stole the show with her impeccable comic timing and spontaneous improvisations. Her International Commercial for Dove, which won the Silver Prize at the Cannes Lion Festival and Bronze at the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, was groundbreaking. She was the lead in National Commercial for Dine Out which was screened in many movie theaters across India and her National Commercial for Hike Messenger was showcased heavily. Chadha also did multiple commercials for Floh Tampons, breaking the taboos around menstruation in India.

Chadha is not only a well-known face in the Indian Commercial world but is also dominating the International Film Festival Circuit. Vidushi is playing leading roles in her two recent films, Neckline and How Do You Fall Out of Love With Country Music?. Both the films are officially selected for the Marina Del Rey Film Festival, where she will have a double screening!

In Neckline, Chadha plays 3 different characters with nuance and ease. She is the voice of the piece and has a soulful strength to her performance. Vidushi led a team of multicultural women and collaborated with the director, Savannah Ryan, to create a bold and provocative film. Neckline premiered at the Golden State Film Festival, in the Chinese Theaters on Hollywood Blvd. Here are some of the awards Neckline won.

Best Direction for Narrative Short Film at Golden State Film Festival.

Best Short Film on Diversity at the International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo.

Award of Merit for Best Women Filmmaker at the Best Shorts Competition.

Award of Merit for Social Justice/ Liberation/ Protest at Best Shorts Competition.

Official Selection at the Marina del Rey Film Festival

Vidushi is changing the cinematic landscape with her multicultural perspective and skillful portrayal of strong female protagonists. Her best Actress Award for the short film His Period is testimony to this. Vidushi has several upcoming features including Kurt Leitner’s Tapestry: International Stories of Inspiring Women which celebrates stories of love, language and location.

Vidushi certainly never gave up and is true to her own artistic voice, just as she would advise an aspiring artist. Her dreams are only getting bigger and more colorful as she moves forward dynamically in the film industry.

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