Akshay Kandi Leaving A Mark On The World Through His Incredible Photography

Just because photography is an art doesn’t mean that all photographers are artists. You can learn photography in school or on your own time and you can buy the best camera that is on the market. Still, all that will never guarantee that the word “artist” will be used by people who see your pictures. Either you have it or you don’t – according to a lot of highly educated people. Akshay Kandi, the  photographer from India, is most certainly one of the professionals who can be called an artist.

His pictures are unique images that propel normal scenes into a higher realm. He captures the essence of a thing and then offers it up for onlookers to judge for themselves whether his photography is simply mechanically copying of an object or if it is artistically representing it as its self and forcing us to see the potential of it also being something other than what it was designed to be. Of course, that is almost a true definition of what art is and yes, Akshay does reach those heights with his pictures.


Looking at his body of work, it is plain to see that he takes pleasure in observing everyday things and everyday looking people and bringing out an extra dimension that exists within them. Sport shoes, Coke cans, people with attitude and just about anything you can think of is transformed somehow by Akshay’s camera and his inner camera. He lifts each of his subjects into the lofty heights of art whenever he gently pushes the shudder trigger of his camera. It’s a Coke can but suddenly, it’s…more than that. What is it then? You recognize the surface but it has changed into something else apparently. It’s really not a magic show and Akshay isn’t a magician. He is a real photographer with an artist’s eye who knows how to grab an unseen quality that is in each thing in front of his lens. He does it through manipulating the lighting and the positioning of each person or inanimate object.

He’s been a professional for several years and he has photographed Dance competitions, furniture for ads, fashion shots for advertising, babies, Ducati Motorcycles with models, promotion shots for feature-length motion picture posters and he has also been a feature film set photographer. It’s interesting how some artists can actually make a living doing what they love.


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