An Exclusive Interview Talented Model And Actors Kamara Kidz

 What was your first acting/modeling experience?

(Egypt) My favorite would be Party City because i got to be one of the new Power Rangers. I got to use a sword and do cool power ranger moves on set.”

(Jahleel) “My Favorite is when i modeled for Bloomingdales. It was fun and cool.”

What has been your favorite acting/modeling experience so far?

(Jahleel) “I like seeing my friends at shoots and my mommy likes the food.”

(Egypt) “The time i met Ja’Siah from (Raising Dion) at an audition we had in NY. That was really fun. Jahleel would t stop talking. He was excited too.”

Who are some of the actors/models you look up to or want to be like?

(Jahleel) a lot of people tell my mom that i look like Daniel Kaluuya and he’s a good actor. My uncle Moses and my Uncle Magor are the best models.

What new roles/ad campaigns do you have coming up in 2021?

(Egypt) “Jahleel has a movie he’s filming soon. I’m excited.”

What is your dream job in the entertainment business?

(Egypt) “My dream job is to be the Best model and actor i can be.”



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