Arash Behzadi Releases Music Video for “The Last Sigh”

With a smooth elegance and a deep spiritual vibe, Arash Behzadi is able to convey peace, tranquility, and resolution with his piano track, “The Last Sigh”. This track features Arash playing many movements within a single piece blending them masterfully in a collection of thoughts which showcases the many beauties hidden within our world. This beautifully written track carries over a delicate melody which locks the listener in a trance of wonder, building a tension throughout the piece only to resolve during the crescendo as the tempo escalates, the heart-beat steadily increase, and the encapsulation of the theme ends with a sigh, a Last Sigh.

Choices of instrumentation throughout this track include a delicately played cello, which accompanies and accentuates the low-end of this solo piano performance. This coupling of the piano and the cello, cast the imagery of what Arash terms “Piano-Yoga”, a “way to feel the piano through the vibrations which create a place of spiritual mindfulness and tranquillity.”  As the track opens with a funeral and a spiritual ceremony it quickly escalates to a celebration, a celebration of life, and all its wonders. This feel-good track reaches its mark due to the expert performance given by Arash Behzadi.

From a production viewpoint, this track is expertly mixed with every frequency clearly sounding over this listening space. With its ethereal tones, the listener is compelled to raise the volume to be submerged within the harmony. Ensuring this sonic experience will be not short of spectacular, the mix allows all dynamics to be clearly represented at these high volumes.

The video which accompanies this track is magnificent in the cinematography as the viewer travels to distant Bali during a city-wide festival adorned with many colorful parade floats.  Every shot, and scene displays a contrast of the human condition; the sadness and loss at a funeral, the joy of being alive, the peace and serenity of the individual, the love of the family and community.

Arash has carefully and meticulously placed each scene to capture the emotion of each movement of his piece, creating a complete work of art. Although this track may not see much of a commercial release, the talent and expertise on display would make this an excellent addition to any audiophile’s collection.

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