The Artistic Journey Of Film And Commercial Director Alberto Accettulli

A friend of ours has finally found what he wants to do for a living. He was reading about an Italian film and commercial director named Alberto Accettulli and apparently liked what he read and is now going to devote his life to directing. Our friend said that what attracted him the most to this artistic career was all the traveling that Alberto got to do.

He let us read that same article and we agreed that, yes, Mr. Accettulli does travel a great deal around the world but only because he is always chosen to helm projects because he is not only an experienced and highly organized filmmaker but also because he is arguably one of the most talented and skilled directors for the job. A sampling of Alberto’s recent job and travel highlights begins in New York where he shot a charity campaign for a non-profit organization called DKMS, which is a charity that works in the areas of blood cancer and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation based in USA, UK, Poland and Chile. He then went back to Los Angeles to shoot a global campaign for Jeep, called “Jeep Legends,” which produced ten commercials in seven days. That project was shot throughout California and in the desert, mountains, salt lake flats, rivers, steep up and downhill driving and among other terrains, the high sand dunes.

After post production in France Alberto went to Dubai for another film, then to Turkey to shoot for an Indian company. From Turkey he went to Cannes for the Cannes Lions, and from Cannes he went to Milan for 3 days of meetings and then he was off to Indonesia for another film!

After all that talk about thousands of miles of traveling, a lot of readers are probably exhausted by now. But wait…there’s more! He is now waiting for approval for several new projects, which will take him to Dubai, Indonesia, Italy and the United States. Thank goodness Alberto loves filmmaking AND traveling because he is obviously an in-demand director who can pick and choose his projects as he likes. Our friend has decided that while he does like the idea of traveling, he doesn’t know anything about filmmaking so he is just going to travel and see the sights instead of being paid to film them.

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