Asterian Astrologer Jade Luna strikes again with two more perfect public predictions

Asterian Astrologer Jade Luna strikes again on Christie’s Couch blog radio and the famous Christine Hassler’s show “Over it and On With It.” Jade Luna became known through using an ancient system of Astrology that he reconstructed himself to make major predictions in 2020. The book he created Asterian Astrology out of is called the Yavanajataka, a book that the priests of Alexander the Great left in Northern India. As a matter of fact Jade Luna is the only person to predict the pandemic publicly in 2009 at Earth Change seminars and again on Entertainment Paper in January of 2019.

Jade’s predictions on both shows were 2021 would produce record breaking heat mixed with record breaking cold. He stated our problems will turn from the pandemic to weather. Jade Luna also said that the United States would start to come out on the pandemic from April to August of 2021, Jade made that prediction twice last year in the summer of 2020. This pushes Jade Luna’s public predictions to 100 percent. Let’s take a look at the astonishing accuracy of Asterian Astrology:

2020 predictions

A massive cataclysm will take place between January of 2020 and April 2020. Either a Volcanic eruption, Pandemic or Asteroid hitting earth.

Humanitarian conflicts (protests) to start in June 2020.

A coronavirus map with perfect spike increases that is perfect so far.

A series of hurricanes that wouldn’t land yet the one that did would follow the path of the Godzilla sandstorm. That was 100%.

Biden to win the presidency after losing night one.

2021 predictions

The United States would start to reopen between April to August 2021.
2021 would produce record breaking heat and cold.

2022 and 2023 predictions

The pandemic to end February 2023 (the north node entering the star Dioscuri {Vedic Ashwini).

Biden’s health will decline rapidly late 2022 and 2023 in Saturn dasa.

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