Award Winning Actor Andres H. Alcocer Continues His Brilliant Work




Hasn’t everyone, at one time or another, dreamed of being an actor? Most of us who have been bitten by the movie bug can remember quite vividly the first time we stepped into a movie theatre even if we were small children. We can also tell you exactly what film we watched on that auspicious day. Of course, there is a big difference between just being bitten and being swallowed whole by the movie bug. A bite could simply mean that we appreciate films and being eaten by the movie bug means that there is no other choice for us but to become a filmmaker or an actor. Andres Alcocer, we are guessing, was bitten and then completely devoured by the movie bug.

He is one of those interesting people who breathes acting day and night. He is always working on improving his skills and on getting more complicated roles and trying to work with the best actors possible. In the short time since he has been a professional actor, Andres has been in countless films, numerous commercials and he even won a Best Actor award for his performance in the 2020 Breath of Life film at the European Cinematography Awards competition. He was also cast opposite Nicole Kidman in the hit series Big Little Lies. He played Nicole’s lover who was having lunch with her while being spied upon and photographed. Getting this amount of work and the quality of roles doesn’t just happen because someone is a nice guy, although Andres is most certainly that. It takes talent, drive and more talent and even more drive.

Andres is one who doesn’t give up once he sets his mind to something. His achievements all point to an actor who will one day walk the red carpet up to receive his duly won and well deserved Oscar. His resumé clearly shows that he is on the path to even more triumphs than he has already put in his pocket. Some of his other movie roles have been: Shadow of a Gun in which he played the character Jorge Matas and he became Davis in the comedy Inspector Bros, the story of two absent minded nerds who bring the police force to its knees in a town full of criminals who are celebrity lookalikes. He also played the lead in the warmly received film Entre Dos, in which a couple, who just moved to L.A. from Mexico, try to hold their relationship together in the midst of the craziness of the big city.

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