Behind The Career Of Australian Dancer Cameron Field

A lot of people don’t realize it, but dancers are athletes. Not just any run of the mill athletes, but disciplined, artistic and creative athletes who bring joy to audiences with their rhythmic and precise styles as they move to the beat of all types of music. That discipline, along with scores of hours of practice each and every week, make them masters of an art that has mesmerized humanity since pre-history. Cameron Field, the immensely talented Australian dancer, has more than enough arduous hours of training under his belt to open his own studio should he decide to do so. He, however, prefers to perform, and his followers are very happy with that decision.

Cameron has always loved dance and has been doing it since he was very young. When he was 16, he came to the attention of Australia’s leading Choreographer and Creative Founder of The Dream Dance Company, Marko Panzic. He felt, rightly so, that working with Marko was a dream come true. That experience enabled Cameron to see dance from an entirely new perspective. His hard work and dedication to his art won Cameron a scholarship to The Dream Dance Company’s Show Business, where he was educated on managing himself throughout each job he took on, working professionally, training day in and day out and much, much more. He not only became a better dancer but he learned what it was to be a dancer in today’s competitive world. He also became a better overall competitor, a better choreographer and went on to tour Australia as a faculty member with The Dream Experience, a dance convention that inspires young dance talent across the country. Cameron also led workshops along with performing in front of live audiences.

Cameron is now one of Australia’s most sought after dance artists. He has trained in all styles and genres of dance and has built solid relationships within the entertainment industry that have only helped him grow artistically and move forward in the world of dance. Cameron signed with Australia’s legendary talent agency, JEEP Management, which provided timely guidance and expertise when he needed it. He has since worked heavily in musical theatre in countless productions and has also worked creating dance based content for international brands such as, Samsung Australia, BANG Energy, Sketchers Australia, BooHooMAN and JayJays, to name just a few.

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