Buni Milani Completely Sells Out of Her Beauty & Fashion Magazine as well as her lingerie and beauty departments

Her star power is evident .The first quarter of 2022 has been nothing but amazing for Buni Milani as she sells out of her luxury magazine along with her lingerie and beauty products. Although an estimate of earnings has never been made public, we do know that Milani owns 100% of all her companies which is not very common today. This proved to many that the MMW founder is a rather humble star who is more grateful than boastful, although she is known for her very high confidence.

Milani has recently stated that she will not introduce new lingerie, but will instead release new designs for her swimwear and home departments. The singer also teased a brand new eye-catching lipstick collection branded with her name which is to be released this week.

In other news, the young mogul announced her new show, ‘Keeping Up With Buni’, which will air on Buni Milani TV this fall.

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