Creative And Talented Spanish Film Producer Gonzalo Tarragona

How fun it must be to be in the movie business. Ask almost anyone on the street and most likely 99% of them would tell you that they wish they could work in that magical industry. Of course, a lot of them really don’t know all the hard work that goes in to making movies or they might alter their answer to a “maybe” or “let me think about it.”

All the people on the movie set or location or wherever a film is being made are certainly hard workers, no doubt, even if they seem to be standing around doing nothing. One of the people who might appear as if he is doing nothing more than passively observing things on a film shoot is the Spanish producer Gonzalo Tarragona. What?! Look closely and you see that the word “Appear” is the key word in this context. He might appear as if he is doing nothing, but you weren’t watching him the night before and all the other nights and days prior to the camera rolling on the first shot of the day.

The producer’s job has already been done way before the crew and cast hit the set. Gonzalo is all about preparing everything for the shoot, which means he does a lot of homework, many times well into the night before he gets to the location. And he is usually the first one there in the morning. He has made sure that all the city permits are complete and everyone on the crew knows what has to be done the next day and he also goes through the script and the notes from the director, art department, electrical, etc. to make sure that all is ready for them when they get there. He is the main person behind the scenes who has quietly bulldozed a path for the filmmakers to be able to smoothly move forward without any obstacles to hinder their way.

He is a collaborator with all the creatives involved, including the director, writer and cinematographer. He manages the budget and when need be, he goes out and raises more money so the director’s vision can be manifested as perfectly as it can be. He is also the last word on when the budget is final and when the shooting should and/or must continue or stop. If the director is the general, then the producer is the President. Gonzalo Tarragona has always loved story telling and filmmaking since he was a boy growing up in Barcelona, Spain.


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