DR USAMA CHISHT is a qualified and aspiring resident intervention radiologist at RADIOLOGY COMPLEX, in KOT ADDU. He has the professional degree of MBBS and has the specialized degree of masters in the diagnostic and ultrasounds.  Currently, he is working as the managing director at the UMAR LAB & RADIOLOGY COMPLEX in KOT ADDU. DR USAMA FAHIM CHISHTI is resident of DMRD.  

He was asked why he choose to be docotrgrapher.

He thinks digital media is the future .As of now doctors are struggling with their carriers.

Doctors should learn skills like Video editing , Digital marketing

  Who can be the interventional radiologist? 

In case you are thinking or might want know that who is an interventional radiologist. For some this term might be alien. So, let me ease you from the trouble and explain this for you. According to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, a interventional radiologist could be a doctor that uses the medical imaging to guide the least invasive surgeries that diagnose, treat and also cure several diseases and conditions. Thus, unlike the simple radiologists, interventional radiologists not only diagnose the problem but also do whatever in their hand to treat and cure the illness within the body, that may either the brain tumors or can be the inflamed appendix. The imaging technologies used by the interventional radiologists can be MRI, CT scan, ultrasounds as well as the embrace radioscopy. In the recent times, UVA care system add the department of interventional radiology.

A simple interventional radiology procedure of any organ says the removal of inflamed appendix can be as follow. A little incision at the right inguinal fossa of the abdomen would be made and then the catheter along with needles and some other equipment (if required) would be inserted within the abdomen to remove the inflamed appendix. Medical imaging is required to guide the way of the catheter all way to the inflamed appendix. Similarly, in some other procedures, the interventional radiologists uses the medical imaging to lead the way of the catheter the arteries, veins, tubules and also through the organs. And by doing this and using their skills, the interventional radiologists saves the patients from the bigger longer and riskier surgeries also the recovery period of the interventional radiology procedures is short.

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