How many times can a person watch a particular movie? That’s a good question but maybe it could be phrased a bit more precisely. “How many times can an actor watch a particular movie?” might be a better way to say it. Actors generally love movies and they can watch them over and over again because they see something in them that the rest of us probably don’t see: acting technique and the filmmaking process.

Yannik Collin, the Canadian actor who is currently living in Los Angeles, watched the movie Avatar so many times that he could say the actors’ lines. He obviously had and has a passion for the movies and acting and that’s why he left school (in Canada) when he was 17, worked at a coffee house, saved all his money and then moved to Hollywood to become a professional actor. He also made some short films with his friends which taught him the production side of the business and he acted in those little gems also.

Once he arrived in Los Angeles, Yannik wasted no time and just jumped into it by enrolling in the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory. He studied all types of acting techniques there, including. On Camera Dynamics, the Strasberg Technique, Uta Hagen Scene Study, Shakespeare, Scene Study Intensive and among other things, Play production and Improv. All these tools came in very handy when Yannik set out to get an agent, which is imperative for every actor to have if they are serious. Instead of months and years, Yannik got agents in two agencies, one for theatrical representation and the other for commercials.

Since Yannik came to Southern California he has established himself as a fine actor and he has been working pretty steadily. He’s performed in stage plays, All In The Timing, Film, Battle Of The Sexes, I’m Not Here, The Mad Whale and United to name just a few. He also appeared on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Roadies.


Yannik is a talented guy who bravely made the leap from Canada to Hollywood and he believes anybody can do what he did if they work hard and want to act as much as he does. He has several projects in the works that are coming up soon and we can’t wait to see him in them.

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