The Eye Catching Work of El Ogorodova

El Ogorodova’s work will catch your eye, because of her use of diverse design styles. Her portfolio presents work for a variety of clients from all sorts of fields. Ogorodova has worked in the entertainment industry as well as corporate. Her work includes everything from Film Titles, to Sports Graphics, to Medical Presentations, to Stadium and Concert Graphics. El’s ability to work with such different clients is a result of her being able to adjust her style appropriately to the client. Like a chameleon, Ogorodova can reset her mind and jump between clients consistently producing high-end work.

El has consistently worked both on national as well as international brands. She approaches every project with the same level of respect and dedication. Ogorodova’s goal is to create and enhance her client’s vision. Although she specializes in Motion Design, her efficiency and design talent, has also won her clients in the branding world. El has designed logos for a variety of companies including Real Estate, Rock Bands, and Transportation companies.

The high demand of working on such a vast variety of projects, has encouraged El to develop expert skills in all the stages of a project. She can follow a project from it’s initial brainstorming phases, through design, production, all the way through final delivery. However, if she happens to be brought onto a project in the middle of things, she equally has no difficulty in adapting and successfully leading a team to the finish line.

Ogorodova’s main focus remains in the entertainment industry. She dedicates most of the year to high end production companies and advertising agencies. El Ogorodova’s creative touch can be seen in productions such as, the Ride Along 2 title sequence featuring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, Reddit’s AMA Sponsored by Amazon Original’s Patriot, Sun-Maid Raisin’s “Bake it for Santa” winter spots, Voodoo Music + Arts Experience stage and concert graphics in New Orleans, Wells Fargo educational web graphics, E3 Ubisoft’s live social media graphics.

El Ogorodova continues to work with many of her loyal clients. However, she actively encourages new collaborations. Taking on new types of clients is what keeps her mind alert and work fresh.Select work can be seen on her website .

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