It’s always great to see someone who is passionate about films and filmmaking, succeed in the motion picture industry. It’s even more satisfying to see them take control as a producer, writer or director. Eva G. Szigriszt is one of those fortunate people who has always loved movies and then got to be an assistant to a legendary TV and stage production mogul, Alberto Gonzalez Vergel. From there she made short films, produced theatrical plays and studied feature screenwriting under Pablo Remon at one of Spain’s most prestigious film schools, ECAM, (Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid).

When she was sixteen, growing up in her native Spain, Eva got a job as an assistant to Alberto Gonzalez Vergel, who had been the director of the Spanish National Theater and had produced over 500 theatrical adaptations for Spanish TV. Needless to say, Eva learned a great deal from this Spanish national icon. She then went on to study filmmaking, animation and sculpture and she produced Por un Segundo that won best short film award at the school film festival.

Not long after that she met up again with Vergel and formed the production company ESKENE. They produced the play La Prudencia en la Mujer, which was a huge success and played in Madrid for an entire season and went on tour throughout the country. It was after that that Eva was accepted into ECAM, in Madrid, and focused on Screenwriting. Her thesis manuscript earned her a grant to study in Los Angeles at the famed New York Film Academy.

Since then, Eva has produced countless award-winning short films, Bite!the Musical, Mi Gallo, No Hay Sistema, Chew and There will Be a Day. She has worked in the development departments of Vendome Pictures and Bold Films and was key in the production of the acclaimed feature film “Yo Soy Un Politico” (I’m a Politician), which cable network HBO has recently acquired for US distribution and is now in Cannes seeking international distribution.

Eva has several projects in development: a science fiction feature film and a sci-fi TV series. She is also teaming up with Triple Threat Pictures to produce their first feature film based on the short film Chew, which was written and directed by German director Jessica Franz. She is also looking forward to making her debut as a director of a feature film she’s written called Turn, which has co-producer Susana Matos attached to the project (both producers worked together in the film I am a Politician).

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