Hot Dizzy

The music industry has undergone rapid changes in the last couple of years. There are many hip hop artists but there are none so distinguished and unique like Hot Dizzy in respect to hip hop and rap musicality. This rising hip hop artist has created a sensation through his unforgettable hip hop and rap music tracks. He has come back again in the spotlight through his smashing new hit “Fake Nigga”. He has delivered some strong and meaningful messages and effectively depicts and epitomizes the unity, loyalty and solidarity among the gang members of the underground rap scene.

Hot Dizzy who is also known as Joshua Miller, is a fresh and independent artist straight from Nap Town, United States, expresses himself through his music in different genres. He believes in staying true to himself and to his fans through his songs. He takes on the hip hop and rap music genre through his own style, attitude and creativity.  In terms of music, “Fake Nigga” delivers some funky beats and captivating hooks and snares. This music track presents you with raw energy and optimistic vibes.

In a nutshell, Hot Dizzy’s hip hop and rap blends give something to the listeners to relate to. The exotic and uplifting rhythms and melody of his songs make your spirit soar. He captures all the essential elements of two different music genres and creates mind blowing musical masterpieces. His songs will get you addicted and make you lose yourself in the music for a while.

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