We came across Kaitlyn Mahoney’s work as a producer the other day, and among the great pieces of work she has produced at Buck, the international design-driven animation studio where she is currently employed, we saw that she and three friends of hers co-founded Get it Girl, a female-focused illustration collective. Yes, we also wanted to know more about this awesome feminist quadruplet!

Get it Girl’s mission statement describes themselves as “a collective of three illustrators and a producer putting pen to cintiq/canvas/wall to create personal work that spotlights the female experience. We’re about challenging and supporting one another to make the art we want to see in the world. We work on projects, and in mediums, that spark our interest and take us out of our comfort zone. We have also been known to spend hours together drinking tea and eating piles of scones when we were meant to be writing a mission statement, so there’s that too!”

Well, we liked that idea a lot! We liked the concept of women supporting one another, especially in the arts, and we also happen to like tea and eating piles of scones a great deal too, which can make for a really good and satisfying day, to say the least! But what we liked the most was that these four ladies committed to the idea of creating art that spotlighted the unique female experience, and are actively following through with their mission statement goals.

Kaitlyn Mahoney is one of the co-founders of Get it Girl. She is an Australian producer living in Los Angeles and has produced for major design and animations studios in both the US and Australia, as well as collaborating on various independent productions. She loves to work with artistic people on all types of creative endeavors to help make their vision a reality… on time and on budget! Only a true producer would use that phrase!

While the artists of Get it Girl make beautiful and evocative imagery, behind the scenes Kaitlyn works to manage the group’s scheduling, meetings, publicity and communication, among other things. It’s quite unusual for an artist-formed collective to have a producer with them right from the outset, but then Kaitlyn is not your usual producer. She not only has the skill-set to keep the collective running smoothly, but she has the passion and drive to support and collaborate with her artistic counterparts in a deep and engaging way. She also happens to be each of the girl’s biggest fans, so that doesn’t hurt the dynamic either!

On the artistic side, Get it Girl is comprised of professional illustrators Amelia Giller, Audrey Lee and Xoana Herrera. Their styles are unique but complementary, and when combined as a collective their work gels effortlessly together.

You can see the Get It Girl website at:


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