Johanna Sparrow

Known by her pen name Johanna Sparrow, Antoinette Watkins is a prolific author with a penchant for writing relatable, captivating, and educative children’s books. A native of New Orleans, LA, and writer for over 22 years, Antoinette discovered her affinity for entertaining children with charming stories when raising her two kids while their father was discharging his naval duties. Since then she has nurtured this passion close to her heart and let it bloom, bearing the numerous titles she has published under her pen name.

After releasing her debut children’s book, Silly Shoe, in 2004, Antoinette took a 10-year break from writing. When she resumed, she released three books titled; Tank the Shy Turtle, Bigmouth Betty, and Wormy Wiggly Mr. Ziggy. However, Antoinette realized she needed a high-level illustrator to complement her talent and while searching for one, she flexed her writing prowess further and released 30 adult relationship self-help books. When she met Ninekyu, her illustrator, in 2018, she released Ida’s Sweet Southern Jelly and Jam and began working on her latest publication, Little Miss Maple, a series that is undoubtedly a masterpiece!

Currently, Antoinette lives in San Antonio, TX, with her loving husband of over 28 years and their two amazing grown kids.


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