Meet the Trend Maker Artist Giovannie Pierre-Louis Aka ItsGiovannie

Giovanni Pierre-Louis, famously known as Gio, has a deep root in Haitian cultures as she lives with her father where learned to appreciate the small movements in life and discovered her love for music. She faces life challenges and becomes the survivor of life just because of her passion for music.

 She knows beats in her bloodline because of her father, a producer and sound engineer. She is also very close to her uncle, who played Guitar, Piano, and Bass for the name called ZORO. The pains, struggles, and pleasure that come over the seasons have dramatically influenced Gio’s music.

Success Story

It was the time after 2010, Gio found a new love and passion for music while studying as an undergraduate student at Stoneybrook University with a degree in Premed and Respiratory Care. During her studies, she started to write her lyrics inspired by her own life and produce her song. Giovannie has a great belief in God because she understands that she can do anything in her life with God on her side.  In different interviews, she states, “I draw a lot of my emotions and ideas from my journey, and I want my audience to connect from that experience. I am just going for mine to the extreme!”

She is famous for her humble behaviour because she knows how lonely you can be at the top. The impressive quality about her is how she makes herself kind to people around her and tries her best to spread joy and release pain. That’s the reason most people relate to her and feel pleasurable to listen to her music.

Her music has a modern touch from Neo-Soul to Jazz, Hip-hop, and R&B with deep meanings of life. She is the boss of her own. Gio has become the role model for many youngsters who face difficulties in their life. She is the trademark of success in the music industry and wants her music to spread happiness worldwide.

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