Natasha, Natasha, wherefore art thou, Natasha? Although this highly talented Australian actress could easily play a part in any Shakespeare play, (she has already done a dozen Shakespeare plays in her teens whilst in a drama company at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts) she has pretty much moved on to doing films, TV, commercials and music videos. So, if you’re really looking for someone who can truly act, you can find her much more easily on a sound stage than in a live theatre production.

Natasha Ivkovic’s most recent foray into films has her playing a ‘love struck angel’ in Award winning director Tom Albanese’s film A Purgatory story. Natasha gets to show off all of her perfectly timed comedic skills and she provides the movie with all of its laughs. The short film, which is currently in post-production and due for release in the next couple of months, is about a man named Gerald who is stuck in purgatory and falls in love with a woman on earth.

By the way, the film is complete without dialogue and is an homage to the great classics of the silent era, which brilliantly and clearly told touching stories that were filled with emotion and human interest through the use of facial expressions, action and visuals. A Purgatory story does its forerunners much justice and is their equal in every way.

Natasha, playing the comic relief, is perhaps a scene-stealer – by default. When she enters a scene the audience immediately smiles and anticipates a good time in the next few moments and Natasha gives them just what they want – more smiles and laughter.

She has been in quite a few things before A Purgatory story and we are never surprised by her professionalism. She is a real actress who somehow magically pours her self into each character she takes on. We don’t know how actors do it but she is a perfect example of the best of the best because she immerses herself in each role and ‘becomes’ that new character she embodies.

We would like to call it magic but since we live in the current age of scientific and rational thought (for the most part, anyway) we can see that she has studied acting and all things that are part of that craft to become a very well established actress in Los Angeles, where she is now living.


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