Producer of The Feature Length Motion Picture ‘Waves’ Charles Ancelle

The movie producer, as a veteran producer once said, takes care of all the dirty work before the director and the crew set foot on the sound stage or location. The producer has to do all of his or her homework before arriving for the first set up and the first shot of each and every day. Charles Ancelle, the French producer now working steadily in the U.S., produced his first short film while attending the Sorbonne and it was accepted into the Cannes Short Film Festival as an Official Selection. That was just his first time out as a filmmaker and of course, that propelled him into producing even more top-notch projects since then.

He and his producing partner Anna Skrypka, who he met at the New York Film Academy, produced the feature-length motion picture Waves, which was shot entirely on location in the Philippines. Waves is a romantic story about two long- time friends who fall passionately in love with each other despite their cultural, geographical and emotional differences. The movie is a journey of self-discovery for both the main characters, Ross and Sofia. He is looking for something and he believes that Sofia personifies whatever it is he is trying to find and even though at first she reciprocates his romantic overtures, Sofia ultimately decides that the relationship will never and could never work.

The direction by Don Gerardo Frasco is flowing and he always knows where to put the camera. One couldn’t ask for a more beautiful paradise to work in: the beaches are peaceful and the ocean is calm and the sky doesn’t get much bluer than in the Philippines. The setting, however, is a counterpoint to what is going on emotionally with the characters and the producers were wise in their location choices. Apparently, Charles did his homework.


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