Queen Tay Yoncé Continues Her Brilliant Work

Queen Tay Yoncé is a known writer, TV producer, African American celebrity publicist, journalist, and a successful entrepreneur. She started her first business at the age of 16 in which sells good quality hair bundles. The profit of this business was used to fund the children in her neighborhood with clothing, food, school supplies, and books. She is an expert in geofencing as she has graduated from the Zicklin school of business, which helped her a lot in growing her business.

She is the symbol of black excellence. In 2018, she started her job as a TV host. But due to her skills and her potential, she was promoted to the post of producer just in one month. This makes her the youngest producer in the 20 years of the history of the shows. She is co-founder of MusiclzLife.com, founder of GVO UNIVERSE and AFRO EFFECTS, and writer at Sheen magazine, baller alert, and poli alert. The one quality by which I was very impressed that while working, she has built very good relations with her clients as well as her colleagues. She is a member of the FORBES THE CULTURE.

On Instagram, she is pretty active you can contact her there or you can schedule a consultation with her through her website. She is always ready for the consultation. She has always admired her teachers and has thanked them for making her capable of what she is now. She has always give pressure on the point to take school as well as self-education seriously, cause according to her these are the key factors in her success.

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