Robert Palmer Watkins Returns As Lt. Frank Newton On AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond This Sunday

Actor Robert Palmer Watkins will appear again in his recurring role of Lt. Frank Newton on AMC channel’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond this Sunday. Robert’s character, Lt. Frank Newton is an officer of the Civic Republic Military and a survivor of the outbreak in the first two seasons of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. His character is also an antagonist in the show so there is no telling what could happen to Robert’s character or how he will affect the others in that world. Antagonists certainly keep the ball rolling and the suspense in the air. Robert Palmer Watkins can play both protagonist and antagonist exceptionally well, which means that we had better keep our eye on him when The Walking Dead: World Beyond airs on AMC.

Robert has a presence you can’t forget, along with countless talents and skills that transcend many of his peers. He is a consummate professional as an actor who can play any part with instant believability. He doesn’t just pretend to be a character, he transforms into that character and lives and breathes it.


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Author ! Tad Brunton

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