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Roland Ngole is an incredible international speaker who is currently residing in Germany for 13 years. His motive is to instill hope and inspire students to achieve their career and academic goals.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management from Fulda University, Germany.

Spending a decade in Germany taught him how difficult it’s for a foreigner to pursue further studies in a new country, having its own set of rules and regulations.

The 13 long years speaks volumes about his determination, will-power, accomplishments, and struggles, which shaped him into what he is today.

When he was enrolled in Fulda University, he too faced hurdles on the way just like any other international student, and with no mentor to guide him, he learned the hard way. Adopting the German language, working part-time to meet the ends, and finding a permanent and well-qualified job after completing studies were his major challenges.

The hard work paid off when he landed into a six-month internship at a well-known renewable energy company, which opened doors for Roland. Since then, he worked for seven different companies and had a share of experience in various departments.

Without a proper mentor and direction, the path to success becomes a blurry vision. Therefore, Roland aspired to be a ray of hope for career-driven students having a dream to study in Germany and accomplish their goals.

He began conducting seminars in top universities of Germany like the University of Wiesbaden., the University of Kassel, University of Mainz, and the University of Gießen, where he had interactions with international students regarding career and how to secure a bright future in Germany. He was invited by different well-known universities as a guest speaker to share his academic experiences.

He stresses on the importance of having a clear vision to achieve success in life as youngsters nowadays lack purpose and vision, therefore proper guidance has become a necessity for them.

His life experiences have become a great example for the students who have gone through the difficult phase. He has personally mentored thousands of international students who needed a clear vision, support, and proper strategy to succeed in Germany.

The journey wasn’t easy for him. One of the biggest mistakes he made was to opt for a nursing management degree that wasn’t in line with his plans. It was a long, painful process of going to the immigration office and requesting for a change in course.

At first, his application got rejected but later got approved on the condition that he has to complete his Bachelor and Masters within a given time frame. otherwise he would be deported.

He graduated in time – credit goes to his hard work passion and of course vision that led him to success. He got exposure to working with different companies. Today, He is a proud German citizen who is living his dreams.

He pulled his resources together to create an online course to help international students and professionals succeed in their academics and career respectively while in Germany. The course is titled “Germany Success System”.

Roland Ngole has landed speaker roles at the German federal Job agency, University of Kassel in Germany, the University of Marburg in Germany, University of Gießen, the University of Wiesbaden, world university service, Academic experience worldwide and several other organizations. With many international students and professionals succeeding under the stewardship of Roland, it has been a delightful win for all parties involved.

Roland is a staunch believer of having a vision. The power of vision ultimately helps you in achieving what you want in life. Vision ignites the mind and gives you a sense of motivation to strive towards a great future ahead. People with a vision set their goals straight and know what they exactly want to achieve in life. His main aim is to support bright students with vision or no vision to become a better version of themselves and achieve success in future endeavors.

Through Roland Ngole’s efforts as an international speaker and mentor, Germany has filled its labor market with confident and proficient individuals, foreigners have found success in the country and Roland has earned a sense of fulfillment with rave reviews to match.

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