Sarah Marissa Wullinger Stars In The Upcoming Feature Film “Reloaded”

Sarah Marissa Wullinger, the distinguished German actress, has been acting since she was a very young girl. She studied ballet and performed in small plays which gave her an intense passion for acting and being on stage as a trained theater actress. When she turned 15, she somehow convinced her parents to send her to an international school where she could learn fluent English so she could eventually act in American films. When she was old enough she moved to Los Angeles and attended the legendary Stella Adler Academy of Acting where so many film greats had studied before her. Actors such as Mark Ruffalo, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro and Robert De Niro among others, preceded her there.

Sarah immersed herself in all things acting once she arrived in L.A. She was cast in too many stage plays to name them all but here are a few: Moon for the Misbegotten, Othello, Marvin’s Room, Closer, Modigliani and Identity Crisis, among others. She also received high praise for three crucial parts she portrayed in Tony Kushner’s prestigious play Angels in America. In it she played a Jewish Rabbi, a Republican Lawyer and a Mormon Woman.

Sarah immediately started acting professionally when she graduated from Stella Adler. She was cast in the psycho thriller The Islander and then in a commercial for the internationally known brand Maidenform. After that, she was able to continue working in the U.S. because she received her O1 “Alien of Extraordinary Ability Visa. In the soon to be released film Accidental Muse, Sarah is cast in the role of Maria, the female lead—and is also set to star in the upcoming film Variant directed by Jimmy Hutton and produced by Yana Bille. where filming was put on hold due to the pandemic.

Sarah is currently working on the feature film Reloaded written and directed by George Tounas and also stars Toneata Morgan. The story follows detective Jimmy Cloud through a world of gangsters, espionage, murder, prostitutes and drugs in an ever-increasing crime ridden metropolis. To stop Jimmy from finding what he’s looking for, a terrorist group targets his girlfriend to block his investigation. Sarah plays the character Sandra Cox and the film is an action, crime, romance movie that is shot in Sarah’s native Germany. Reloaded is produced by George Tounas Films, PPM Film Production and Red Light Independent Films and is due to be released in November 2021. Sarah is also currently working with Martin Donovan, the Academy Award nominated writer and director.


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