Several Projects On The Horizon In The New Year For Talented Actor Jeronimo Henao

Jeronimo Henao is an actor from Colombia, South America. He is of European descent
and he came to Los Angeles to become an actor. When he arrived in the states, he enrolled in the famous New York Film Academy and earned a degree in filmmaking with a focus on acting.

It didn’t take long for Jeronimo to score jobs in the film industry. He has a mysterious aura about him which is charming and which is, at once, charismatic, engaging and is a bit of a tough guy all rolled into one very hard working thespian who likes to get it right the first time on the set.

He exudes great confidence, even in the most casual setting. His bold, natural self-assurance
is not only inspiring to the audience and the director and producer, but it also stirs up enthusiasm and positive assertiveness in anyone who is acting with him.

He is a man of many qualities and he could have been anything that he wanted to be but he chose acting, which once started, generally takes one far and beyond any normal employment.
That’s because acting enables one to dive deep into his psyche to discover who he is inside and also who others are through becoming different characters

That description fits Jeronimo perfectly.

We can only mention a few of the TV shows and films that Jeronimo has acted in due to the length limits of this article. He just finished two TV shows produced by Caracol Television, The largest TV network in Colombia. One was Maria La Caprichosa, in which Jeronimo plays the lead actress’ love interest. In Klass 95, Jeronimo is cast as Bryan Bommer, an American Consul. These two projects are scheduled to come out on Caracol and Netflix in 2024.

He acted in the TV series BlackJacks, that is about six strangers who are brought together under different circumstances by an underground subgroup, led by an unscrupulous priest. Pandemic Pillow Talk, a TV series, is about a level-headed woman, who undertakes actual online dating during a global pandemic when she finds that she is to be quarantined. Killer Design is a TV Film and it is about an interior designer who hires a young woman after an accident in which the young new employee saved the designer’s life. However, the designer begins to realize that maybe the accident and the life saving actions of the young woman was not random at all.
Some of the other short films and TV series he’s been in are: The gig, Alive Again, Space Soldier, Mixed Status and among others, Art, Love and Other Habits. Jeronimo starred in this film alongside of Maria Mesa. It was directed by Cristobal Valesillos and the film is about an art student who is invited to the opening of her favorite artist exhibition and what promises to be an amazing first date, turns into a nightmare where she becomes the subject of the artist’s future exhibition. Jeronimo is working on several projects that will be released in 2024.

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