Spanish French Makeup Artist Katia Garcia

It must be difficult for some women and girls to put on their makeup each day and have it look just perfect. Most people learn how to do it from their mothers and friends while they are growing up and sometimes, many times they just never get it quite right. If they could, they would most likely hire a professional makeup artist like Katia Garcia in a heartbeat. And who wouldn’t want her to do their makeup for them? No answer required for that rhetorical question because everyone would love to have this Spanish/French artist give their face new life and new beauty in only a few minutes.

She has been interested in Makeup and colors and beauty and fashion since she could open a magazine or watch music videos. Katia knows her stuff and she should because she has studied with the best of the best. One of her teachers at MUD (Makeup Designory) in Burbank, California, was the highly talented Shanna Cistulli. Katia says that Shanna was the first person in the industry to recognize her skills and her passion for makeup. Shanna gave her confidence in her artistry and in herself. Katia assisted her for the IMATS in Los Angeles during a Swarovski Crystal demo, which was an amazing experience.

She also worked with the well-known Olivier Zahm, the owner of Purple Magazine. That project was the editorial for LUI Magazine. Katia mentioned that collaborating with someone that big in the industry made her a ‘bit’ nervous, but once she got her brush in her hand she knew exactly what to do and all the stress just flew out the window. That, of course, is the sign of a true professional.

Speaking of professionalism, Katia has learned that in the small, yet highly competitive world of Makeup Artistry, being a professional is everything. That means doing your homework and being fully prepared well before walking onto the set or makeup room. It also means being on time and being respectful to everyone you work with. Of course, these things are not only good manners that should be part of everybody’s daily customs, but they are practical as well.  If you are not respectful or on time people will not be calling you to work with them in the future. You should also, she says, be yourself and believe in yourself and your talents and your skills. If you work hard enough there is nothing that is out of your reach.

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